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Chez Larsson

The Entertainment Unit


So this was the TV situation in the den. This is just opposite from the sofa you saw yesterday. Our plan was to use this TV downstairs in the living room so I can watch home improvement shows while Wille plays XBOX and get a new TV for this spot.

My criteria for TVs in general. Must be white.
Wille's criteria for this TV in particular. Must be bigger than what we had.



Tadam! It's white. It's bigger (46"). And it's so slim you wouldn't believe it! As you may guess I've been splurging again. This was the only TV that ticked all the boxes and after selling the old house and making a nice profit (I had a meeting with my bank and was pleasantly surprised after all the boring fees and stuff had been taken care of!) I decided Wille and I deserved this gem of a TV. 

We so don't deserve that pile of junk (aka cables) underneath though and we desperately needed something for the X-Box and the cable box to sit on. And mind you, I had already gathered some cables in white tubes making an effort to disguise things while figuring out what to do.


029 (2)

So I brought Wille's old entertainment unit out again knowing full well that it was way to high. I figured something could probably be done about that.


030 (2)

After examining our previous build I realized that I could turn it upside down an chop half of it off.



Said and done + a couple of coats of paint.


061 (2)

Here's the finished result. The wheels are now attached to what used to be the top and the new top is the old bottom. A place for everything and everything in it's place. Just the way I like it.