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Front of House


I don’t speak restaurant. I’m talking about the front of my house.

There used to be a lawn the size of a postage stamp and in order to cut it I’d either have to walk around the block with my lawn mower or take it through the house.



I wasn’t keen on either and since there wasn’t actually any grass growing there but mostly weeds, I decided to remove it all and start afresh with gravel like at our old house.

To the right you can see the pile of what used to constitute the lawn and to the left are those wretched pink stones which I hate. Good news on those though, I put an ad in Blocket (our Craigslist) and by the time you read this they will be gone. Yihaa!



Another thing that will soon be gone is this “evergreen”. Lovely name for a not so lovely and very prickly tree which we brush against when entering our house. Ouch! I’ve trimmed it already but it will all have to go because I’m extending the door step to the end of my house and in this photo I already removed the weeds (plants if you like that kind of thing) closest to the house. That white roll is the membrane which will keep the weeds out of my gravel later on and those black pipes will replace that sad looking contraption at he back there to lead the rain water away from the house. Oh, I will absolutely be keeping the hostas there at the front.


030 (2)

Another thing I will definitely be keeping are the HUGE Anemones (huge compared to the tiny ones I had at the old house). I have them on both sides of the front door. I will also be keeping the glossy Asarums. They will both be peeking out straight through the gravel.

This wasn’t supposed to be a DIY job. I had every intention to have the guy who helped me prune the trees come do it all for me (because I have one zillion other projects to attend to) but he’s not answering his phone and I can’t stand the weeds everywhere so I’ll DIM (Do It Myself) after all. This way it will definitly get done this summer and something elso on my loooooooooong list simply won't. Curb appeal is important!


  • conni says:

    it is amazing how much you are getting done. i would love to have your eye. would not have believed from the first pictures of the house that it could ever turn out like this.

  • Robyn says:

    You’ve really done so much already since moving in – what an inspiration! Looking forward to seeing the finished front – as you say curb appeal is important!
    Wonder if the previous owners will ever come back for a sneak?

  • Monica says:

    I know that you are getting more sunlight in the summer, but are there actually more hours in the day in Sweden? Don’t know how you do it all. Just glad that we get to see it.
    p.s. those are some lovely plants.

  • Actually I think the house and front garden (and back) probably looked really nice before the lady fell ill some years ago as she was a keen gardener. She must have been so frustrated to not be able to tend to things the way she used to. I doubt the son and daughter will come by, I never met them, the whole deal was settled through the son in law.

  • Last night I was digging in the front garden at 11 pm and there was still enough light :).

  • devil says:

    You’re making such terrific progress on your DIY jobs, Benita. Everything is shaping up so nicely.
    What really stands out about this entry, to me, is that you’re able to leave two bicycles outside unlocked. Here in California, they’d HAVE to be locked up, even for brief periods outside. And even if they’re locked up outside overnight, they’d still be vandalized by morning. This was true even when I was a kid in the 1970’s, unfortunately.

  • r8chel says:

    You’re a machine, woman! You have been making SO much progress on your new house. I’m impressed!!

  • elisa rathje says:

    so there ARE more hours in the day. in the summer anyway. the plants you are keeping will be stunning. i love the idea of extending that step. i was looking at a neighbours rock garden, it’s such a low maintenance option, they had some creeping thyme and other low plants that i really love the look of, mixed with wonderful tall grasses that give so much movement. you can walk right over the creepers and they don’t mind. like grass without the mowing!

  • Peggy says:

    Every time I get discouraged with how little I’m accomplishing, I visit your site. You are inspiration personified. I view with awe your accomplishments and I am filled with inspiration and renewed intention. Thank you for your style, your example, and your encouragement. Even halfway around the world, here in California, you are accomplishing incredible work by way of your blogging. Good things happen after a visit to Chez Larsson.

  • jeannette says:

    asarums are beautiful, i’m excited. are you shady there?

  • Robin says:

    Wow, we don’t have our aenomies bloom until September in the pacific northwest.

  • Nicole says:

    Well it sure looks like you have your work cut out for you, but it definitely has alot of great potential.

  • you rock (pardon the pun – you mentioned gravel)… seriously, I remember those days of working late or until I dropped & slipped into bed. Don’t have quite that much energy lately, but I get inspired reading your blog. I just need to check your blogs earlier in the day so I’ll capture some of the creative vibes & get my project moving while I have a couple of weeks away from work.
    Love what you’re doing – your place is finding it’s Chez Larsson “look” – thanks for continuing to share your photos with us!

  • That is the shady side of the house and I’m excited about it because shady gravel gardens are my favorites :).

  • Tina says:

    Som (relativt) nybliven husägare undrar jag var du hittade de svarta rören? Skulle behöva skaffa lite sådana, jag också! 🙂

  • Jag köpte mina på Faringe, en brädgård i närheten (tillhör kedjan XL Bygg, men jag skulle tro att det finns på alla byggvaruhus, typ K-Rauta, ByggMax, Bauhaus etc.

  • Via T. says:

    You’re one busy lady 🙂