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Chez Larsson

Mollie Makes


A while ago I was asked by the editors of UK’s new Mollie Makes magazine if I’d be willing to share some of my Flickr photos in the second issue of the magazine. Since I didn’t have to do anything I said yes. I’ve been having quite a few exciting requests in the last few months but I’ve had to turn them all down due to lack of time an an unfinished house so fun requests like this one where I can just sit back (or stay on my ladder) are much appreciated.



Anyway, I got the magazine in my mail box on Friday and was excited to see four photos and a very nice mention of me and Chez Larsson in there.

And what a great new magazine it is, by the way! Fun crafts, lovely layout and images, interesting articles on crafts and crafters and great craft sources. If you’re into crafts you should check it out, there are both print and digital versions available (for international buyers too) right here.

Thanks Mollie!