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On Exercise


I’ve been getting question on “my exercise routine” lately.

Um, I don’t have one at the moment. Right now there's no time for anything scheduled as I’m working on the house every second that I’m not working in the office. In the past I’ve gone to the gym and I’ve ridden my bike to work etc but right now I do zilch.

What I do instead is making sure I get enough exercise by doing what I do. That ladder there, imagine the leg exercise you get from running up and down it for eight hours. Scraping the balcony ceiling, excellent for triceps. Riding my bike to look for Bonus, free spinning class. Digging in the garden, a full body workout and shoveling gravel, great for abs (just make sure to bend your legs so you don’t strain your back, yeah, free leg bends too!).

So basically I just turn whatever I do at the house into a workout by doing it at a higher pace than normal. It may not be on a schedule but it’s keeping me fit enough. And I get the jobs done quicker too!

As for diet which I also got questions about I try to cook somewhat healthy meals for Wille and myself every day (a favorite being pasta with homemade pesto and salmon) but when I’m by myself I prefer snacks instead of full meals so now that Wille’s away for a week in Skåne, in the south of Sweden, I’ll probably not cook a whole lot… Bad, yes probably but I’m sure I’ll survive.

Oh, because I’m on vacation I almost didn’t realize that today is FRIDAY! Happy weekend everyone!


  • L. Christine says:

    Oh my gosh, I saw this post on Swedish homes/interiors and all the gorgeous white, and I thought of you! You must check it out Absolutely lovely “Benita-white” interiors : ))

  • elisa rathje says:

    i prefer life as exercise most of the time, only i wish that there were bike lanes where i live so that i could run errands by bike, see friends. that would be ideal. i’m getting lots of yoga classes in because there is a studio around the corner from where i’m staying in canada – but when i’m back in my own life that’s harder. i’m probably going to try …have you seen it? someday when you have a house in order, if yoga is appealing. i’ve heard good things. also great for recovery from crazy gravel shoveling and too much time standing with a paintbrush held up over your head! x

  • I know you’re getting plenty of exercise working around the house. Too bad all your blogger friends can’t come & help — we could toss out a sleeping bag (on an air mattress, for me, I’m over 61+ now), have a light breakfast of coffee or tea, some fruit & yoghurt & you could put us to work scraping, moving gravel or whatever…
    my husband is off on a backpacking trip so I snack instead of fix a meal — suits me fine. Take care & thanks for keeping us updated about your progress!

  • Tina Slocm says:

    Hi Benita!
    Oh thanks for you post today~you really are getting a full body workout with your progress on your new home! Gosh! That ladder is a major workout. I do wish we Americans rode our bikes as much as you do over there. (maybe i need to let my cat Fuzzy out!)

  • Sarah says:

    In my opinion that is a good form of excerise as you are using exercise to be more productive during the day!
    Many people believe that you are only exercising if you are down the gym for an hour 7 days a week which is just not true. As long as you get your heart beat up and a slight sweat going at least 5 days a week for 30 minutes you are getting the health benefits exercise brings!

  • homestilo says:

    Funny, but the minute I say your post heading I thought “…with all the bike riding in search of the cat, you are probably all set in the work out department!”

  • Nicky says:

    That is funny! I am also doing a lot of DiY and blogged about how good it is for your body! I like to think that great minds think alike, ; )

  • Karen says:

    Well, before there was exercise, there was hard work! Congratulations, you’re going back to the basics. 🙂 No one ever had trouble staying fit and thin in the days of manual labor. Perhaps that’s why some people refer to them as “the good old days”?

  • I constantly talk myself out of exercising while making my to do lists. 🙂 Sounds like you are reveling in the productivity of your staycation!

  • Kathia says:

    Happy weekend for your family of four. But take it easy, because when you take a rest, you carry stones (this is a brazilian proverb for busy people like you!).
    Kisses from Brazil

  • RebeccaNYC says:

    I saw the comments asking you about your exercise routine and sort of laughed to myself…you get such a work out just doing what you do! You live such a healthy life style, may you live long and prosper!!

  • Wouldn’t that be fun, a painting camp 🙂

  • I’ve only tried Power Yoga once and didn’t become an instant fan. I’m not into the incense, ding-dong music thing, it makes me giggle… There is a yoga studio very close by though so come fall I might give yoga a try again!

  • Susan says:

    Hello. I have just discovered your blog and I love it.
    As I looked through old posts I saw you had a Dremel!!!!!! We LOVE our Dremel.
    And your garage. It is so exquisitely organised!

  • What I do.. (taking advantage of this sunny days) is walk to weherever I need to go… My car has been parked for over a month already, and walking has really helped me stay fit.. I don’t have as many things to do at home as you do.. but walking how I excersise… and you know what it’s very relaxing too!! 😉 Tiff

  • Andrea says:

    I have a non-exercise question/request for you (but since you do have your painting ladder up maybe it’s not too much of a segue). Can you explain the tools you like to use for prepping and painting? Any tricks you can share – kind of a painting 101.
    Or maybe you already have a similar post and I just haven’t found it yet. As the world’s worst painter (sad, but true) I would love any help/suggestions/encouragement before I tackle painting the inside of my garage in a few weeks.
    Thank you –

  • Great post! I also like to do exercise at the same time I do home work! Btw, I love pasta with salmon and pasta with tuna, too! =) Quick and delicious! Haha.

  • I’ve written about painting before. Here’s one post: Also if you google there are some other tutorials available too like this one and there are also several videos if you type in “how to paint a room” in Google.

  • devil says:

    Your home-improvement tasks seem so intense, it would never occur to me that you would need any planned exercise on top of it. I suppose some folks think that exercise is only legit if it’s done at the gym?
    Snacking has a bad rap…it can really be done healthfully, as you know. It isn’t all Cheezy Poofs and Buzz Cola. 🙂

  • Andrea says:

    Thank you Benita – that post of yours is exactly what I was looking for.

  • I definitely agree with you… I do chores at home to sweat out but not doing DIY projects… It seems your home revamp is shaping up pretty nicely.