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Chez Larsson

Painting Progress


I haven’t done anything exciting this past week to post about. All I’ve done is paint, paint, paint and then paint some more. This is how the back of the house started out. Seriously peeling paint and partially yellow.



Not done yet, but if you ask me a huge improvement. The yellow’s gone and about three coats of paint on all surfaces.

Still to do:

* Second coat on insides of the upstairs windows & balcony door.

* Paint window & balcony door trim inside upstairs.

* All paint to go on inside and out on downstairs windows and door.

* Major window cleaning session. Hate.

* Installation of the new awning fabric.

* Putting furniture back.

Oh, and I met with my contractors the other day and they will give me a quote for a new decked area to be built next spring. I can’t want to get rid of the stone slabs and most of those flower beds. Making it mine.

Happy Weekend! One more week off work and soooooooooo much to do!