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Chez Larsson

Hampers on Wheels


I should have revealed my laundry room by know, I know. Things in there kind of came to a halt for a little while with all the painting outside so I’m afraid all I can share right now are my new laundry hampers. Exciting, I know.

Anyway they’re on wheels. You know how I love castors but this time they’re not there for aesthetic reasons, but purely for practical.



The washing machine is on that plinth to the right so the practical reason isn’t to wheel the dirty laundry to the machine but instead to keep the dirty laundry dry in the hamper until it’s ready to be washed. Dry you say, why would it get wet?

See that little spout there on the wall? I have no idea where it comes from but I noticed that on two occasions there have been water stains on the floor underneath and even though the stains have been minute so far, maybe as the season changes there will be more drips so I come prepared.




My little laundry skateboard is so easy to make should you need one. I use an off cut from the shelves in Wille’s room, predrilled holes for the castors and simply screwed them on and gave the board a lick of paint.




To prevent the hampers from sliding off I screwed them into the board using wide washers in between the plastic strap weave and the screws to make it more secure.

Now I can move the whole thing easily if I want to and my laundry will stay dry until I make it wet. If that makes sense.

Oh, as I’m writing this I’m kind of expecting questions on why I switched the old hampers out and why I now only have two instead of three so I might as well answer them right away. The reason for switching is that I wanted something new after having had the same for over ten years, as simple as that. The reason I have two now instead of three is that with it just being Wille and I we don’t have as much dirty laundry as before so it’s enough to have one for whites and one for darks.