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Chez Larsson

The Green Door

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Finally good enough weather for a green door.


029 besk

This is what it looked like before, pallet, pink slabs, prickly bush and all. Just too bad I don’t have the fudge colored light, black and white door bell and green n’ rust colored mail box in the shot. That’s how eager I was to get rid of them.


And here it is. It’s green. Very green. And I love it!

I’m not so much in love with the chrysanthemum I planted in the galvanized planter though. I bought it at the a market stall and the guy SWORE that it was white but now the buds are opening it’s purple. Argggghhh.

Oh, I had a request for a door painting how-to but I didn’t really take that many photos of the process (sometimes I just want to get on with it and not have to take my shoes off and go inside to get he camera) but what I did was polish the hardware, sand the door with my mouse sander, first a coarser grain and then a finer and then carefully tape off the hardware, handles and lock, I didn’t remove them. Two coats of paint and above is the result.