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Chez Larsson

The Laundry Room


Finally. My last day of vacation was a rainy one. Perfect for staying inside and finally take some photos of the projects I’ve been working on.




Remember this? This is the laundry room and it’s changed a bit since this photo was taken.




Tadaa! Apart from the plumber minimizing some of the pipes etc and switching out some taps it’s a DIY job and one on a budget. Nothing fancy, just a nice clean place where I can drop a laundered sock and not worry about the feeling of having to re-wash it.



I chose a stacked set of washer and dryer because of the existing plinth and butted an IKEA kitchen counter top against them using the Antonius system for support. I was so lucky I didn’t have to cut the counter top, it was the perfect size already. I did have to cut a hole for the sink though and a notch to allow for the kitchen drainage pipe and boy that thing is HEAVY to maneuver on your own.



When I got the chevron fabric for the shower curtain I also got the same in green. I hadn’t planned to use it in here but I ended up sewing a curtain for under the counter top out of it. I’m using elastic curtain wire to hold it up and if you think it looks a bit weird at the bottom it’s because there’s a huge slope in the floor towards the drain. I tried a version with a straight bottom edge but that looked too short.



There’s not much behind the curtain as I don’t really need the storage space but I do keep a couple of buckets for cleaning there.



Oh, and here’s the view towards the laundry hampers with my lint can. Those pipes above it what the plumber minimized. There where unused pieces from the old boiler jutting out all over the place and it looked a bit like a mad scientist’s laboratory. Now only the necessary ones are still there.



And here’s the stuff I use daily. Glass containers for different laundry detergents, a tin one for oxy bleach and a jug for water for the iron + hand soap. That tap that you can just make out is the one from the old bathroom upstairs. Like I said, on a budget. EDIT: You seem to love the poster 🙂 I won it and It's from here

That’s about it. There’s one corner I haven’t shown you yet, I’ll save that for later. Nothing super exciting but I need to edit some more photos first.

Things I like about this laundry room; It’s clean and practical, I have a dryer for the first time in my life and a sink.
Thing I’m not so happy about; No natural light so it’s a pitch black space unless I turn on the lights.