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Curtain Hideaway


Those metal shelves downstairs in the basement are great for keeping all stuff we only need occasionally tucked away. The thing is though that my mom’s coming to visit for the holidays and we need an extra temporary bedroom so after considering the options (sofa in the den, fold out bed in the living room etc) I decided it would be best to set something up down here. For one it gives everyone some privacy (we’d all be on separate floors at night) and I actually already have a proper (narrow but really comfortable) bed down there. When mom arrives she can choose if she wants my bed or the one down there.

So in order not to have to look at all those boxes on those shelves I decided some curtains were in order. My, oh my! I started this project months ago and so far everything has gone wrong with these curtains! First I ordered enough material of the middle fabric you see in the photo above, Metro Circles by Robert Kaufmann in navy on white. Because shipping was cheaper that way I got the fabric in two pieces and popped them both into the washer. One came out ok, the middle one but the other came out discolored. The navy had bled out onto the white turning it into a navy on pale blue instead… Since the two pieces came from two different bolts of fabric and one was obviously faulty I got a refund because the seller didn’t have more of the same to send me.

So then I ordered the same fabric from another seller and during our conversation got what I wanted mixed up so when my new order arrived I realized that I’d ordered white circles on navy instead of the other way around. Sigh.

I’ve already spent way too much money and time on this already so now it’s just a matter of making the best of it. I’m thinking ombre. Going from light to dark with that discolored one in the middle? It may end up being a temporary solution but at least I’ve finally started sewing!



So once I’d made the decision to use the fabrics after all I finally put the curtain track up. This one has three tracks but I’m only using the front one for this project.



And Mini was there to help. Of course.



At first my plan was to just use clips to hang the fabric panels but then I realized I would get a gap at the top between the fabric and the track so I sewed on these things (no idea what they’re called in English) that make pleats when you insert the hooks. I don’t want a lot of pleats so I skipped one pocket after every hook.



To get the fabric to hang nicely I added these weights in the bottom hem. It makes a huge difference. I also use them on my shower curtain.



And there’s the beginning of my ombre curtain. I ran out of the pleat making things (I only had little left over from earlier since I hadn’t planned on going down this route) so I will need to get more before I can start sewing the rest. Will show you the finished result later!

Oh, as you can see the rest of the floor has been painted too. I know that some of you have asked for a how-to so a step-by-step post on that is coming up later this week.


  • Petra from NL says:

    Well… This corner is looking good already! Having the curtains on a real track makes it look professional and neat.

  • Monnah says:

    Suck! (Lyckosalighetssuck.) Det blir ju så snyggt! Vet om det där med tyngderna, men är för lat för att fixa på våra förrådsdraperier som dessutom är upphängda på sådana där plastklädda, stumma krokupphängningsresårer (om du förstår vad jag menar). Det blir inte så här snyggt, men bättre än utan i alla fall.

  • Jill says:

    I get a lot of help from my cats too. The curtains are looking good. Some projects just seem cursed, but with mini’s help, I think you are turning this project around.

  • tinajo says:

    Looks very neat – and I do love the pattern! 🙂

  • jja says:

    I love Mini photo. And it looks nice. Do you have heating down there for your guest?

  • Hxx says:

    Oh my – modern fabric just shouldn’t bleed like that – what a nightmare, but you have definitely gone down the right route.
    I think it is just called ‘curtain header tape’ – yours looks great! No fancy goblet pleats or other such horrors!

  • elisa says:

    i love those happy accidents, i think this will look fabulous. curtains are how i’ve spent my week, dyeing them to the shade i want. i’d gotten stuck at the next step, as i want some pleats and i was worried about the weight, so thank you! very good timing. it will be a fine guest room x

  • Kerstin says:

    Fint! Jag funderar på att sätta upp ett draperi med en likadan gardinskena som du använder. Tycker du att de fungerar bra, har hört att det kan kärva lite när man drar draperiet över skenans skarvar.
    Vill även passa på att säga att jag tycker du har en imponerande blogg. Blir alltid inspirerad av dina projekt och din energi.

  • Hej Benita!
    Looks really good!
    Ha en trevlig vecka!

  • Lisa says:

    Så snyggt det blev!
    Vad har du för hyllor? Jag är ute efter hyllor till källaren, men det finns en uppsjö, och en del kostar milt uttryck mera än de är värda…
    Men hyllor måste vi ha! Pappkartonger på ett källargolv är ju inte att föredra.

  • Gita says:

    Hej Benita,
    jag har ett litet tips för “blödande” tyger. Det heter Color Catcher!
    Jag har inte använt det själv, men flera av mina lapptäckskompisar har gjort det med gott resultat. Har dock en förpackning på lut utifall att.
    Passar också på att tacka dig för en suverän blogg som jag följer med stort intresse. Många av dina inlägg inspirerar mig till egna försök.

  • Jo says:

    I must confess I did smile at your story.. made me feel better to know that you’re human and do cock things up too from time to time. ;o)
    The finished result looks great.. of course.
    I did wonder though, did you weight them at the bottom at all or are they just hanging well from the natural weight of the fabric ??
    Oh and I’m sure you don’t really care.. but in English it’s called ‘drapery [or curtain] pleating tape’ and it comes in lots of different types. So you could create pinch pleats, box pleats, goblets etc etc. Brilliant stuff.. especially for home sewers like us.
    Jo xx

  • Jo says:

    Oops.. ignore that question.. I’ve just re read the post and realise that I totally missed the bit about the weighting.. DOH !!

  • Maria says:

    Men du, var köper man de där vikterna? Kan inte riktigt se hur de ser ut på bilden. Är det ett band med vikt i?!
    Tack för en bra och inspirerande blogg förresten, keep up the good work!

  • Sara says:

    They’re incredible!! You are, you’re… well, you’re… A MIRACLE GIRL!!!

  • Yes, there’s a radiator in this room and with the dryer being on the same fllor the basement has been very nice and dry so far. Fingers crossed it will be during winter too.

  • Martin fick dem på sitt gamla jobb så det är klassiska industrilagerhyllor. Jag är jätteglad att jag fick ta dem när vi delade upp bohaget mellan oss 🙂

  • Vet du om det kan rädda ett tyg i efterhand eller om man lägger med det i första tvätten? Just detta tyg är det ju uppenbarligen fel på eftersom den ena våden var ok medan den andra nog inte efterbehandlats efter tryckningen så frågan är väl om det går att rädda nu i efterhand…

  • Du köper vikterna där du köper andra gardintillbehör, t ex i en sybehörsaffär. Jag köpte mina senast på Ohlssons tyger i Stockholm.

  • Giulia says:

    Oh no, isnt’ it annoying when project that you think are straight forward and easy turn into long winded ones? I have to say though that the track and fabric you have up already looks great.
    Are you going to put in a rug next to that bed for warm feet in the morning?

  • Yes, Í’ll probably move the big sisal carpet from the living room down here as it will cover a large part of the floor and make it less cold.

  • the curtains look lovely & it sounds as if this room will be plenty warm & cozy for your mom (& future guests)… Did you get the upstairs metal locker finished? I think you had been painting that also. You are a heck of a busy lady!

  • Cecilie says:

    It looks terrific. I have a small nook where I’d love to hang a curtain as well and I wonder where you got the hooks you’ve used. They look great and seems to be adding some structure to the top of the curtains.

  • You should be able to get them at any store selling curtain poles etc. I got mine at IKEA but I know there’s a well known brand called Kirsch that makes them.

  • Vicki K says:

    I don’t know if it’s official, but my clothing-construction-major roommate in college called it “Pleater Tape”. I’m not sure from the photo what you ended up doing, but you could have cut each panel in two – so you’d have six alternating patterns “on purpose”. It really looks nice – and I love that you will be able to sweep it all to the side if needed!

  • Cecilie says:

    Thank you for your reply!
    So the ones you are using here are actually from Ikea… Hmm… Do you know their name because that might make it easier to find them in Ikea ;o)

  • Looks beautifully neat! I love the pleats–had no idea such a brilliant thing existed! I always thought pleats would look too formal, but with your crisp modern fabric they look great and I am now a big fan of them! Great idea to skip every other one!

  • Post coming up later this week. And yes, very busy 🙂

  • katie says:

    I LOVE the ceiling down there! U are a beautiful seamstress! Your mama is going to be awfully proud of all you’ve accomplished!

  • Cecilie says:

    Perfect! Thank you so much.
    And I totally forgot to say that your result is absolutely stunning; no matter the difficulty you had in arriving there it truly works. Good job.

  • Tasha says:

    I just found your site and am eager to watch you continue to develop your new-ish home. I just moved into my own apartment (first “real” apartment after university and moving out of my parents’ home) and am saving up for a number of nice & cheap items from Ikea. Curtains are on my to-do list, since the entire unit has roller blinds and they are very boring!

  • Beatrice says:

    Oh my goodness. I can’t believe we both blogged about a curtain today. What are the odds? I am so sorry to have posted this today. I really didn’t mean to copy you. So sorry. Great minds think alike, right? Love your new curtains. Perfect idea and if you stop by my blog, you’ll see my version of it. Have a great week.

  • Jenny says:

    Benita, det blev riktigt snyggt (förstås). Den där gardinskenan har jag inte sett förut, jag tror bestämt att jag kommer att härma dig 🙂 Måste säga också att taket är jättefint, golvet med. Inspirerande blogg, helt enkelt, väldigt roligt att läsa allt du skriver!

  • julia says:

    this is so timely! my parents are coming and we are frantically trying to prepare our basement. it looks lovely. ps-i followed your blog several months ago and lost track of it. glad to have found it again!

  • Shelly says:

    Looks wonderful Benita! Can’t wait to see the rest! Just in case you’re interested the stuff on the top of the drapery is called drapery crinoline in English. It’s also sometimes called buckram, it just depends on the manufacturer. The netting that goes under say a wedding dress is also called crinoline even though it’s a different type. Sorry if this is completely boring information, but I only happen to know this because my mom owns a drapery shop.

  • Karen says:

    Hi Benita-Looks great so far-can’t wait to see the finished product. Don’t you just love our furry helpers? I love Mini and Bonus and am always sharing your pix with my family. My fave is the pix of the two of them as kittens. SO CUTE!!!! We are a cat family and are always in the middle of some cat drama. What would we do with out them?! They fill our lives with so much joy. Karen from CT

  • Robin says:

    It looks so professional and crisp. I envy you getting to have your mom come to visit.

  • Thank you!
    So apparently it has several different names: Drapery crinoline, buckram, pleater tape, drapery pleating tape or curtain header tape!

  • Ditt fan Anna says:

    Så fint! Älskar att följa din renovering av huset!! Jag själv har precis blivit radhusägare i Vällingby, fast i Nälsta. Ett radhus från 1960 med öppen spis, jag har fortfarande inte fattat… Är helt färsk i Vällingby då vi flyttar från Sollentuna, du får jättegärna ge dina bästa tips! Såg att det fanns en Läkarmissionen loppis o en Humana vid Spånga station. Är de bra? Sen undrar jag också vart du köpt taklampan? “Vanliga” vita taklampor är banne mig svårare att hitta än man tror…

  • Zosia says:

    When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. This is more of a blueberry punch, but still very nice :-).

  • Vad kul! Jag älskar Vällingby och att det finns så mycket 50-tal kvar i området. Läkarmissionens loppis är ok men ganska dyr. Den i Spånga har jag inte hunnit till än men det får bli en utflykt nån dag. Om du har husdjur så kan jag tipsa om att det ligger en Arken tvärsöver gatan från Läkarmissionen och intill den en veterinär med drop in två kvällar i veckan och en jätte-coop lite längre bort. Min favoritbutik i Vinsta heter Homestajl, där handlar jag ALL färg. De är kunniga och trevliga. Är bästis och bundis med dem sen i somras då jag typ var där varannan dag och handlade :). Sen precis där du bor i Nälsta finns det ju utomhusbad på sommaren med minigolf :). Vällingby C är ett bra centrum med stort utbud och fina gamla 50-tals miljöer om mam kisar och borser från Kfem-chabraket.

  • Oj, missade lampfrågan. Den är från IKEA 🙂

  • Anna says:

    Tack för tipsen! Ikea…hur kunde jag ha missat det?