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Entrance Corner

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I finally got that last little thing done at the entrance that has been bothering me. This is a before shot of the corner where we keep our bikes just to the right of the entrance door. See those rakes n’ things leaning to the side? This side of the house is all prettied up now but those things were still leaning the other day…



So I got out my last pack of these tool holders…



… screwed them up after measuring where they would go.



And there’s my rake and broom neatly hung off the gravel and away from the bikes. That new broom bothered me a little bit though. It looked TOO new…



… so I stained it to match the weathered old rake. And see, those “white” mums above finally wilted enough for me to toss them out and replace them with white heather. As someone pointed out in the comments after I got the mums, never trust a bloom that hasn’t opened!