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Hiding the Desk Cables

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So remember that shot from yesterday with no cables in plain view?



It didn’t start out that way and placing a desk with a lap top and a lamp centered in a room does bring it’s challenges in terms of what to do with cables so you don’t constantly trip over them when getting to the desk.

I figured there must be more people than I who have this problem and did a quick internet search and found this less than perfect looking floor thingy that hides cables. Ah, but you didn’t think I’d keep a grey piece of plastic there on the floor for all to see did you? See that roll of “oak” adhesive plastic on the desk? Well…



— look again and that grey thing is now clad in “oak”. Still plastic but I can live with it now that it’s functional and kind of disguised.


So after the initial what to do with the cables on the floor, I still had to deal with this hot mess. The cable I ran in that floor thingy is that white extension cable.



It’s plugged into the wall behind the basket of the Expedit bookcase and in it I need to plug a) the laptop and b) the lamp. Two bulky things needed to be hidden away.



I went to my favorite DIY store (where I also found the grey floor cable thingy) to look for a solution and found this extra wide Velcro which I screwed in under the table top using washers behind the screws.



Then I strapped the extension thing and the lap top charger in there. Worked like a charm but I still had the issue of more cables hanging down so…



… I used some left over cable channels from another project and used adhesive pads to attach them to the underside of the table top.



The extension cord then runs along one of the legs where I’ve fastened it with cable ties.



It then runs along the floor in my “oak” tunnel and into another one of those channels taped to the side of the shelf and in behind the basket. Kind of reminds me of this actually.