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Kitchen Drawer

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So guys, are you ready for a kitchen drawer? Or should I say another one since technically the trash/recycling I showed last week is also in a drawer. Anyway, this drawer is actually my favorite one because of how I organized it. See, I'm not used to these wide drawers that pull out fully and because they don't have proper sides to them I was a bit annoyed with them in the beginning as I feared everything would fall out. Also the depth was an odd one considering what I needed to store. I know I should could have gotten a five drawer unit instead but silly me, I wanted them to match the trash side of things and sometimes when pretty comes before practical you regret it. Luckily I came up with a solution that really works. Yay!



Here it is! The things I'm storing in this drawer are usually the things that I would place lying down in several more shallow drawers but because of my quest for beauty I had to get it all to fit into this quite deep one which I suspect works really well for bigger things like pots and pans but not so well for what I actually needed.



What I'm using are these little recycling bins, the same ones I use in the trash recycling drawer. I popped as many as I could into the drawer and in them I sort like things together such as measuring tools in one (including a small scale, a spaghetti portion thingy and several measuring spoons), food packaging in another (freezer and sandwich bags, freezer tape, pen), etc.



In one I do a double layer using a divided take-out container in which i store batteries and under there are some seldom used things like potato scrubber gloves and cat food lids.



Since there's a little gap at the back where I couldn't fit in another row of bins I used a drawer divider to hold the bins in place and popped my rolling pins and wooden skewers behind. It's great because for one I have a good spot for those long items but I also use every bit of the space in the drawer AND the bins stay put and don't slide around.

La-la-love my drawer which started out being I-hate-youstupid-drawer-why-the-heck-did-I-choose-you-?.