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The Locker

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So here’s the latest news on the locker. I decide to paint it all white after all. I was thinking of going orange for the outside but decided against it last minute.



And here it is all painted. I have to say it wasn’t the easiest of jobs. So many corners, angles, nooks, hooks etc. I used both a small roller and a brush but the best method would probably have been to have it spray painted professionally or to spray it myself but since I don’t have a good place to do it I went for the roller and brush.



It took all in all four coats of paint to cover that dark green + some touch ups. Painting the doors was the trickiest part because I kept getting drips around the vents no matter how often I went back to catch them with my brush. In the end I left them there and went over them with a sand paper when they were dry and touched up with a smaller brush after.



And there it is in all its white glory. Love it!



And here’s a peek inside. I bought the hanging organizer and matching drawers at IKEA and they work perfectly in there for flip-flops, shoe shining stuff, mittens, umbrellas etc. And yes, those are three pairs of Stan Smiths. And they’re all mine.



This shot really accentuates the not so lovely floor. I so need to start the floor painting and stencil project soon. VERY soon.



Since I went for all white after all I decided to spruce my locker up with a tiny bit of color after finishing the paint job. There’s tassel mania over here in Sweden right now so inspired by that I made my own which matches the pale blue locker that’s in another corner of the hall.

Now my locker is both pretty and practical. And those extra coats of paint actually prevent the locker from rattling as much as before. Two flies with one stone!