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Chez Larsson

Door Drapery

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So last weekend I did a lot of sewing. One of the projects I finished was the drapery in the entry hall. I used the same method as in the basement but skipped the pleats by bending out the hooks and sticking them in each pocket instead. Love how that turned out.



Here it is drawn. I don't see it being completely drawn that often but when it is it looks good. I like the advice I got from the lady at the store. It was to attach the curtain header tape 1 cm lower and not at the very top edge of the drape. This way the fabric starts right under the ceiling and you don't see the track at all.



Here's what the track looks like. It's super simple, inexpensive and the loops were included. I was a bit worried about how to attach it to the ceiling but all I needed where three screws, could not have been any easier.

I love how the elephant fabric softens the space next to the door and how the drapery visually heightens the ceiling which is quite low in this area of the house. Now I can't wait to get going on the radiator cover and the floor!


Ps. Please excuse the crappy blurry photos- This space is so difficult to photograph because there's very little natural light AND I was too lazy to bring the tripod out…