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Galaxy Update

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So here’s a little Galaxy update. Remember what the Galaxy armchairs looked like before? Um, actually one still does…



Here’s the one I haven’t yet started on in all it’s pink glory. I tried to love the pink but I’m afraid it’s not me. It used to be me back in the 70’s when they designed these chairs but alas not any longer which is why I stripped one so I could recover it.



I had quite a hard time choosing fabrics. For one it’s kind of hard to find upholstery grade fabrics in light colors and also I couldn’t go with white which would have been the obvious choice for me because the plastic of the chairs is no longer white, it’s yellowed slightly in the last 40 years or so so white seat cushions would only enhance how they’ve yellowed. In the end I went for a light grey, tiny checks in white and grey actually.



I didn’t want to go to the trouble of making full new covers so I decided to just cover the fronts and leave the backs as they are. This method actually also keeps the original fabric intact which will please anyone who likes “original”.



I like how the cushions are just attached with these screws. The original ones have holes with grommets but I’m just poking holes in my fabric through the original grommet.





The method I used was to zigzag around the edges of my fabric after using the old cushion as a template and cutting about 10-15 cm / 4-6 inches outside the edge of the cushions (less on the thinner back cushion and more on the thicker seat).

I then pinned the fabric in place and hand stitched it in place (while watching TV) and then I went into all the original dimples and stitched those and tied the ends and the back. That part was by far the trickiest because especially the seat cushions were quite thick and dense.



And here’s the finished result. I really like it. The color is light and goes well with the plastic frame. Now I just need to do the second one…



Oh, and Mini approves! And I'm happy to report that Bonus is back! Our former neighbor Maud called on Monday after work and said that she saw him so I raced over on my bike and picked him up. Yay!