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Chez Larsson

It’s Getting Colder Outside

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We’re still having a very mild fall (no snow yet and almost no rain!) but for a few days last week the temperatures were below freezing so soon it will be chillier inside and out. I’m one of those people who’s constantly cold so I wanted to be prepared for those cold winter mornings so in addition to getting the new chairs I also bought some square sheepskin pieces at the city center market (Hötorget).



Since the squares were, well square, and I wanted them to be more fitted to the shape of the chair seats I laid them on the seats and traced along the underside with a marker.




The best way to cut sheepskin is with a sharp knife from the back side, just going through the skin and then teasing out the fur. That way you leave the pelt intact so you don’t get that crew cut look.



So, for summer dining we’ll probably use our Coke Emeco’s naked…



… but during fall and winter they will sport little furry butt warmers. They actually turned out better than I’d hoped and even stay put pretty well without sliding around. Me like.