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Chez Larsson

Organizing Odds and Ends

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Today I thought I'd show you what lurks behind a couple of the doors to the old kitchen units in the hobby room downstairs.

It's a lot of stuff! Basically it's all those things that "can come in handy one day".



I reuse ice cream tubs to organize it all and my trusty old label maker made a fine job marking them.

Contents include: Markers, wires, shelf hardware, other hardware, handles, casters, felt pads, bike stuff, longboard stuff, curtain paraphernalia etc, etc. When I look for anything it's probably in here.

I love how the milky white ice-cream tubs hide away all that stuff that can otherwise so easily look really messy. And look I need to eat more ice-cream, I need at least another four or five tubs!

And did you notice? It's Friday again. Yay! Have a happy weekend!