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Painted Rug. Not.

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Just so you know, not all my projects turn out the way I hope. Or turn out at all in fact. Here’s such a project that I had high hopes for and which ended up in the trash.

Yesterday I showed you the coffee table that I finally bought after having searched for one for months. A rug for underneath it was also one of those things that I searched for forever and I ended up buying the sisal one you saw in the photos yesterday. My intention was to bring the sisal rug downstairs to the room where I’m sewing the curtains and painted the floor and I’d paint a rug myself for the living room.

I kept seeing all these cool painted rugs on Pinterest and thought it’d be a great way to get the color and pattern I want. Turns out it wasn’t that easy and it came down to lack of the correct supplies. It’s so frustrating seeing all these fun projects online and the materials just aren’t available in Sweden. This particular project required fabric medium and while it is available it’s only available in tiny bottles that are super expensive and the store even just had the one bottle and I’d need at least 14 more for the size rug I bought at IKEA.

I ended up buying something similar and mixing it with paint but it didn’t work out at all.



I had decided I wanted a green rug with white polka dots and went to quite a lot of trouble to punch out circles from adhesive shelf liner to make a stencil and peeling those circles and sticking them down hard.



I then mixed the “medium” I as able to find with the paint and rolled it on but I soon realized that it wouldn’t work because as soon as the paint started to dry the surface got all stiff and crusty so I abandoned the project after just half a coat. I did peel off some of the stencils to see if they had worked and the white dot’s turned out great but the rest of the rug was a big mess.

So I’m still rug-less and $100 poorer…

Onwards and upwards though, I’m still on the hunt for the perfect rug and one day I’ll find it!