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How cool is this? It’s one of the first images I pinned on Pinterest. I’ve used frosted contact paper a lot in the past but I love this idea of cutting individual pieces to create a repeat pattern. The idea came from Ashley of Seventh House on the Left and I immediately knew could use it in my house.



I have this tiny window in the stairs to the basement. I love that it’s there and the cuteness of it but I didn’t love how anyone could look inside and see me walking up those stairs in my pajamas.



For my mini window I chose a quatrefoil pattern which I found googling. I cut out enough pieces of the quatrefoils themselves and the voids in between.



The process is basically to clean your window and then stick down the frosted shapes in the desired pattern. I bought the frosted contact paper at IKEA. In hindsight I would have gone for “regular” frosted contact paper because IKEA’s doesn’t seem to have an adhesive but is more like clinging to the glass which imho doesn’t work as well, especially not with small shapes like these.



It does look ok from the outside and it does prevent outsiders from looking in and that was really the purpose so for now I’m happy.