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Stockholm Shopping

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So here’s a long overdue post. I receive e-mails and comments all the time about Stockholm. Where to stay, what to do, where to eat and where to shop. When it comes to staying and eating I don’t have a clue I’m afraid but I do know of some nice shops so here goes.

* R.o.o.m at PUB – Fun and useful home accessories, design and furnishings in a range from the quite affordable to the expensive.

* 3rd floor furniture department at NK – Top of the line home décor.

* Illums Bolighus – Danish home goods and design store just opposite from NK.

* Svenskt Tenn – Classic Swedish Designs by the likes of Josef Frank and Estrid Ericson. It’s where I get my elephant fabrics among other things. Expensive but worth a look.

* Granit – Great for storage and home accessories in white, natural, grey and black.

* Åhléns City – The basement floor houses the home goods department, the fabrics department (great selection of quite affordable fabrics by the yard) and MUJI!

* Bruka Design – Lovely home store. Read more about it here.

* Village – Another lovely store with home décor items. It’s where I got this amongst a few other things.

* Designtorget – Great selection of cool contemporary design.

* Lin o Fin – Lovely home décor store with mainly Swedish designs. Also my friend Sanna’s mom’s store.

* Iris Hantverk – Lovely brooms and brushes made by visually impaired craftsmen.

* Svensk Hemslöjd – Swedish traditional handicrafts.

* Ohlssons Tyger – Fabrics by the meter.

* 10 Gruppen – Bold prints on clothing and home accessories by a group of Swedish designers.

* Design House Stockholm – Swedish modern design. There's one a NK in the basement.

* Marimekko – Iconic Finnish designs.

* Kalikå – Cute and fun toys for kids.

* Panduro Hobby – Craft supplies.

* Kreatima – Art and crafts supplies.

* Ljunggrens Papper – Wonderful paper goods store in the old town.

* Clas Ohlson – DIY store.

* Byggfabriken – Remakes of vintage hardware and fittings.

* Stadsmissionen – Charity shop, also sells remake items.

* Myrorna – Charity shop.

Those are the stores I frequent most often. Please feel free to add to the list by leaving a comment!

Ps. The Stockholm map bag in the photo is by Frösö Handtryck. I got it at R.o.o.m.