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Chez Larsson

The Radiator Cover ~ Part II


Here’s how far I got on the radiator cover last time. The frame and top where built and assembled.



The next step was to prime and paint the frame and to fit the caning inside. The best way to get a good result with the caning is to soak it in water first for a little while to make it softer and more manageable. I love my tub and how I now have a place to do this kind of stuff!



My frame opens up completely and as you can see I haven’t painted the back, just the front. Those yellow stripes on the wall are where I had to remove some oddly placed corner trim in order to be able to tilt the frame out, I later touched that up with white wall paint.



Then it was just a matter if stapling the wet caning to the back of the frame. If you try this at home, make sure that you out in A LOT of staples because as the caning dries it will shrink and you want it to be even and not pulling where the few staples are.



There wasn’t wide enough caning so I did the frame in two sections. Here one part is done and the other one is waiting its turn.



Looks pretty good already…



… but as you can see here the caning is slightly bubbly. This is why you want to wet it before stapling it on…



… because when it dries, it dries as tight as a drum skin. You can play a solo on this baby!



One of the reasons for making a frame that can be opened was so we can get to and adjust the temperature knob. Another reason is that it’s always great to have a radiator in the hall so one can dry mittens and stuff on there and I didn’t want to miss out on that when covering it. I bought a cheap over-the-door hanger and simply hooked it over the top of the radiator. My mittens can dry in there and not be seen. Perfection.



As for the top, I had several comments as to where and how the hot air would be able to escape at the top and circulate which led me to drill some holes.



There are now five inch wide holes centered towards the back at the top and hidden by what ever sits up there. In this case the first holiday card and a cute felt birdie a reader sent me (thank you!).



And there you have it. One radiator cover hiding an ugly radiator and providing some drying possibilities and somewhere to toss your keys. Check!



Oh, and here’s the before.