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Chez Larsson

366: Day 1-8

Januari 1
So the first proper 365 project post of 2012 is here! I’ll post these on Mondays mostly because that way I’ll have a full week Monday-Sunday in one post.

My mom left on New year’s Day after a ten day stay which catapulted me into a cleaning and laundry frenzy. Not because mom’s really messy but because she’s been sleeping in my bed and using one of the bathrooms as hers and I needed to put everything back to normal again. While I was at it I might as well toss the tree out and give the whole house a good clean. Felt good!


Januari 2


Before Christmas I always buy a bunch of magazines and am really inspired by them before the holidays but as soon as they’re over I don’t want to look at them anymore so I tear out the pages that I enjoy the most and put them in my holiday inspiration binder. This time around I only saved about six pages from quite a big pile of mags.


Januari 3

Look at this little dude! He’s been so good and has been at home for over a month without wandering off. I’m guessing the colder weather has something to do with it but Wille and I are so happy!


Januari 4

Back at work. This week was a short one with only just two days of work. It was nice to get a bit of an easy start.


Januari 5

I removed the tree, holiday cards and the indoor wreath but not all of the holiday décor is gone yet. Tradition over here is too keep Christmas decorations up until “Tjugondag Knut”. That means they stay up until the twentieth day after Christmas Eve, the day Knut has is name’s day. That’s when I’ll take down the paper stars and other advent lights but I’ll keep the string lights outside up for a little while longer. It’s still very dark so it’s nice to have a bit of light outside the windows.


Januari 6

I’m reworking my art wall at the moment. I’m tired of the colors and will go a bit more monochrome I think. I’ll show you when I’m done.


Januari 7

Miss Mini is sunning herself on the window sill in the seating area of the living room. Mini is such a good girl. She really accepted our new house as her home 100% from the very beginning. She has several favorite spots in the house and this one’s one of them.


Januari 8

It’s not a New Year’s resolution (one doesn’t tend to keep those) but more of a general aim of mine to exercise more, eat healthier etc. I hope to be able to start riding my bike to work again come spring but it is quite a lot further away than before so I’m not sure how that will work out. Meanwhile Wille and are using our new cross trainer. We got us a cheapo one to start with so we’ll see if we use it or not and if we really do use it upgrade to something more substantial later. So far its been good. We’ve both used it on a fairly regular basis. We put my laptop or Wille’s iPad on the shelf there + extra speakers and watch something while exercising.

That was my first week of 2012.