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Wine Storage

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Wow! Thank you so much for all those answers to my question yesterday. I loved reading them all, you are so sweet!

So after that, on to today's post:

I don’t have a whole lot of storage in the kitchen and having given up the pantry downstairs in favor of storing other things there I needed somewhere to keep my wine. See that middle basket there? That’s where!



First I just placed the bottles in the basket but soon realized that they would rattle against each other in there so I cut some cardboard pieces to size and cut slots so they all fit into each other like a puzzle. If you buy whole boxes of wine there are already dividers in those boxes similar to these so you might be able to use them but I made my own.


012 (2)

And here’s what that looks like. The height of this basket is perfect for wine bottles. I’m sure that you probably have higher standards for storing wine (if it’s red or white and not too sweet I’ll drink it…) but this works great for me.


Ps. Have you seen today's date? Are you superstitious?

Pps. Happy weekend!