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Chez Larsson

Let There be Light


When I wrote about my laundry room after it was finished I got a comment recommending to get a motion sensor controled light in there. It was such a great piece of advice!



Now when I come downstairs with my filled to the brim hamper the light goes on automatically like magic!



It's that little globe like thing on the wall that does it. I got it from Clas Ohlson and
had my electrican install it when he did some other work. You can adjust it so the light stays on a short or a little longer time. If you happen to stay in there longer than normal (I've set it at a few minutes) you just need to move about and it goes on again. So picture me sewing in there and suddenly waving my arms, sort of thing :).

And YES, it's finally Friday! I'll be working on the mystery project this weekend and hope to reveal at least bits of it next week! Happy weekend, friends!