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Chez Larsson

The Home Office

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I have a home office and I'm so excited!

The changes I've made to the table are to get a wider and longer desktop keeping the old legs so I can keep the drawer unit underneath and there's still enough room for the chair. 




I love the little corner behind the chair. I use it for my calendar and bits and pieces I need on a day to day basis + things I need on hand quickly. I love how it's hidden away so one can't see it from the living room. Don't like to look at stuff like that all the time. It's my little paper clutter corner.



My old cubes are back in use again. I haven't had a good spot for them in this house until now and love that they're back. These used to be red and hung in my parents home bar (I KNOW, a home bar. We have very different tastes, what can I say?). They used to hold part of my mom's collection of miniature liquor bottles (again, I KNOW…).

Across from this wall is the wardrobe wall or what used to be the wardrobe wall. It's now storage space for office supplies and crafts stuff. It's not completely done yet so I'm going to have to show you in a later post.

It feels so good to have all these things around me again and I feel really inspired.