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Chez Larsson

Hallway Stairs Part I


Eeek! This photo makes me cringe. The state of the entry hall was a mess. The biggest mess in the house if you ask me, yet I lived with it the longest. I did quickly paint out the yellow walls and brown trim but the stairs and the floor remained their ugly selves for over nine months.



The starting point for the stairs was flesh colored linoleum. On the steps AND on the raisers. To top that loveliness off the tips were covered with black rubber.



This project has been ongoing for quite some time. I had to peel off one of the black rubber tips and a bit of the lino to see what was underneath fairly quickly.



I also started to scrape a little just to get an idea of how much elbow grease there was involved. Quite a bit it turned out. Then the project lay dormant for a long while until I had the time and energy for it.



About a month ago I finally pulled and scrape the rest of the gunk off and after assessing what I had I decided to paint the raisers and sides white.



Then I decided to invest in new oak treads. The original stairs were pine and in a pretty bad state and I figured that since the floors in the house are oak I’d go with oak here too. I also want to renovate the staircase to the top floor and I figured this little one was a good way to see how I like it and how much work there is involved.



Each tread comes with a template sheet of paper which you tape to the sides of the stairs and then cut along with a craft knife. 



You use that template cut the tread to the correct size. Sorry, no photo of that but basically you just lay the template on the back of the tread and trace around it and then subtract a couple of millimeters on either side and saw accordingly.



After that it’s just a matter of gluing the treads down according to the instructions.



I clamped the tips down and also stood on the back to make sure the treads were weighted down properly. I was so excited to see the first tread go down, it already made such a huge difference.

I’m a little short on time today so I’m saving the full reveal for tomorrow. Proper before and after, I promise!