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Chez Larsson

New Larger Door Mat

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So with the new oak floor in the entry hall we urgently needed a larger door mat. We used to set our shoes to the side of the door mat on the old lino floor but wet soles on oak = not a good idea.



I researched all kinds of door mats but in the end I went back to the coco husk again. The reasons being that it has rubber backing so damp won’t ever reach the floor itself. Also I like the natural element of it and you can cut it to size.




I wanted mine to feel made for the space so I laid it on the floor, measured where to cut and marked accordingly on the back. Top tip by the way, if you don’t have a straight edge handy, use a magazine!



Then it was just a matter of cutting the rubber backing according to the markings. Don’t cut too deep so you cut the actually husks, just cut the rubber and then pry the husks apart. That way the edges will look nice and even and you also don’t get a lot of shedding just after cutting.




After all the cuts were made it just slot into place.




The funny thing though was that Martin came over to study with Wille just after I’d finished and instantly put his shoes on the oak floor next to the door mat, so as to protect the new door mat from his dirty shoes… Haha, you can’t win some can you?!