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Organizing the Pantry

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So after all those garden and deck updates it’s time for an organizing post. Don’t you think?

I wasn’t happy about the state of my pantry (sorry, forgot the before shot…) so I decided to invest in some uniform containers for the dry goods. I say invest because they are quite pricey, especially since I needed quite a few but my mom gave me a little cash for Easter so I figured I’d spend it on something fun. Yes, this is my idea of fun.




Like I said I didn’t get a shot before I started emptying out everything, that’s how excited I was about getting started but here’s basically what I wanted to organize. There’s flours, grains, sugar and all the rest that is stored in a pantry.



Some things I kept as they were like the lazy Suzan with the spices from the old house and I also used some of my glass jar stash for some items.



I got the new containers in three sizes so everything from one original box or bag would fit in one of the new containers.



I love how they’re clear with white lids and the fact that you can open them with one hand. There’s like a lever at the top (you can see it in the first photo) that you fold up and it releases the lid from the container.

I used my Letratag to print simple clear labels with the contents and placed them at the top of the container so the black print would be clearly visible against the white lid inside.

At the back on one of the shelves I used one of those metal shelves (but the narrow version) so I could do two rows of larger containers at the bottom and a row of smaller ones at the top.



At the very top shelf which I need a chair to reach I keep seldom used stuff like cookie cutters in old metal tins. I love how it all turned out and I love my new pantry!