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Chez Larsson

The Deck


With the April weather playing tricks on us we couldn’t start the deck building and painting process until last week. I was so relieved when the materials finally arrived.



Blurry shot but it’s just to describe how I’ve planned the deck and the flower bed in front of the steps to the basement. It’s like one huge construction. Gone are the flowy shapes and instead the lines are straight.





The deck is suspended in three sides frmo the walls of the house and a couple of concrete supports holds it up at the corners. Each intersection is also supported by slabs laid on a weed blocking membrane. Underneath is all is sand.



I chose Siberian larch wood for the whole construction. It’s a light wood that goes grey with age. Larch is water resistant and it’s rot proof too so there‘s no need to treat it. And from someone who’s lived with a big treated timber decking before it’s a big plus.



And before leaving in the evening after a twelve hour day my contractors whipped up these new steps too. Closed and a little wider than before so Mini and Bonus can easily pass through a slightly opened door.


And here it is. Long awaited. Much loved.


002 crop

And here’s a before from a little less than a year ago for good measure.