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Chez Larsson

The Shoe Locker Updated


As you may know if your read my blog on a regular basis I’m using one of our old lockers a shoe cabinet in the entry hall. The single shelf behind each door was ok for a while but both Wille and I seem to have accumulated lots of pairs of shoes this past year so I needed to figure out a way to maximize the space.



Enter these metal kitchen shelves.



At first I wasn’t sure if they’d fit but I had one in a cabinet in the actual kitchen so I tried that one and with a little bit of force I managed to squeeze fit it in. Almost too good to be true so I quickly ordered six more (so I could replace the one in the kitchen too).

Wille has bigger feet than I so in his section there are now three pairs of shoes behind each door. My feet are just smaller than the width of each compartment so I can fit four pairs inside. Love it.