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Chez Larsson

Tray Chic Backsplash


So you caught a glimpse of the tray above in the 365 project the other week. I didn’t buy it to use as a tray although I probably will on occasion.



The reason I bought is is so I can have a semi permanent backsplash behind the stove. As you know and/or see I have white grout between my white subway tiles and although I have sealed the grout I quickly noticed how much easier it is to keep the stove area clean with a tray propped against the tile.


I’ve been using another slightly smaller tray there but that tray we also use as an actual tray all the time so it wasn’t really practical to use it as a backsplash and then having to wipe it down immediately, fill it up and carry stuff upstairs.




Yes, lots of TV dinners in the den nowadays, we’re hooked on Community and take every opportunity to watch an episode so our dining table hasn’t seen a lot of action lately.



I really like how the tray kind of changes the whole mood of the kitchen. I also really like that I can switch it out for another tray anytime I feel like it and get a completely different look.