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Chez Larsson

366: Day 163-169

Juni 11

I have to say that the little house I crafted has not gotten a whole lot of use but occasionally I do hear noises from in there or see someone go in or come out. Love.


Juni 12

Rain, rain, rain, rain.


Juni 13

Wille was off to the Hultsfred music festival and I was lucky to get the new (for us over here) issue of Martha.


Juni 14

Sleepy Miss Mini. Love.


Juni 15

Went on a bunch of errand runs this first week of vacation so I’d have the supplies for all the projects I’ve planned. Granit is a must visit for all those of you who are visiting Sweden btw. They have great stuff but also THE friendliest staff.


Juni 16

While Wille’s away I’m tending to some stuff in his room like finally painting that radiator, window frame, doors + trim. Also fixing his middle closet and switching door handles.


Juni 17

As I’m writing this on Sunday at 8.15 pm I’m waiting for Wille who’s due back from the music festival later tonight where he’s spent four nights in a tent in the rain. Bet he’ll enjoy his freshly made bed more than ever tonight.

So, I’ll be taking a little break from blogging now and will see you guys later. Have a great week!