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I’m a bit off my regular blogging routine now that I’m on holiday. Usually I edit photos and write the bulk of my posts on Sundays but I figured that I’d edit and write a little daily instead and it’s already gotten me into trouble. Here I am on Tuesday evening, it’s late and I just realized I have no post prepared for tomorrow… read today. Actually I have about 20 posts lined up but photos need editing and like I said it’s getting late.

So for this day I’ll just quickly show you a little mobile I fashioned. I had the mobile skeleton already hanging but nothing was on it so when the Panduro package arrived a while ago I just shoved these little mini skeins of yarn I got onto the clips. I didn’t keep it up for more than a few weeks but it looked kinda fun.

So lesson learned, I should get back into my regular writing routine. Or maybe take some time off blogging completely during my holiday. You’ll survive, won’t you, if I do?


  • I will, of course, and I’ll be happy to know that you’re relaxing and having fun, though I’d be itching to read your after-staycation posts 🙂 Enjoy these days!

  • Vanessa says:

    I completely understand if you decide to take a blog breake, Benita, I even think you should ’cause vacation is vacation and writing 5 high class edited posts a week must be quit a lot of work. I will badly miss my morning routine, that´s for shure :), but waiting on something good is not a bad thing.

  • Janne says:

    Me too ….. will survive AND mis my morning routine! But even you should have a break.

  • Jennifer in France says:

    The point of a holiday is to change routine. Enjoy the break and be disorganized for awhile!

  • Paula says:

    Vacation = break from routine. Please take this time for yourself to relax, play and be deadline free. I will miss my week-daily dose of Chez Larsson but, I’m already looking forward to your post vacation posts 🙂 Have fun!!

  • Turid says:

    Go crazy! Do blog if you want to, but break out of the daily routine!
    Happy holidday!

  • Leena says:

    I will survive, break is more than ok.
    That mobile is fun. I’d like to get one mobile frame too.

  • Meghan says:

    Enjoy your break! (and when you get back, please tell us where that mobile frame came from!)

  • Judith says:

    Any break you take is MUCH deserved. We’ll miss you, and will welcome you back with open arms!

  • Annie says:

    Vad alla är snälla och förstående :-). Min omedelbara reaktion var neej, vad säger hon!! Hjälp! Min semester börjar om tre veckor men innan dess vill jag ju att min rutin ska vara densamma. Skämt åsido, du kan ju verkligen behöva en paus, det låter skönt. Men, tänk om du stöter på något problem eller har en fråga av något slag, då kommer du ju inte ha den vanliga kanalen till hjälp. Och visst är det så att läsarna är de bästa att fråga om råd ;-)?? Jag har gång på gång lärt mig att rutin är bra, för själen och kroppen. Det frigör utrymme till att vara kreativ. Om du nu ska hålla dig borta kan du kanske avsluta med en post med extra allt tex en uppdaterad länklista till bloggar, butiker, inspiration och annat gottigt i inredningsväg som vi kan ha glädje av medan du är ledig? I vilket fall kommer du att var saknad.

  • gudrun says:

    Ferie er da vel fortjent! Kos deg med ferien din du, så gleder vi oss til å “treffe” deg igjen etter ferien. klem

  • Annapolitan says:

    Everybody needs a vacation, Benita! We’ll be here when you get back. Have fun!

  • Michelle says:

    Well we will miss you – no question. But we will survive, absolutely and you can get a true break which everyone deserves, especially you as you work so hard. Enjoy.

  • esther says:

    I would love you to have a break but…. I will REALLY miss your posts!

  • Well, I guess we will survive… If you have to;)

  • Caro says:

    You could continue Monday only, so people can see what you’ve been up to.
    Or not. Take some time off and come back refreshed in a few weeks. Everyone needs a break sometimes.

  • Lan says:

    Will really!!! miss your daily posts. But after reading the other comments, I guess I should take a big girl pill and use your staycation to get going on some of my own organizing projects. 😊 In the meantime, will read through your archives again for inspiration.

  • cath w says:

    Will really miss you but I’m sure you’ll have lots to share when you get back. And that mobile is something that cats must fantasize about! It must have been torture for Mini and Bonus if they couldn’t reach it! 🙂

  • Anette says:

    Of course you should go off blogging during your holiday if that feels alright 🙂 But I agree with Caro above, you could post your monday photos once a week, so we know that you’re doing fine (and are having a good time).
    Just think about all the cool posts you’ll be able to prepare for us, and with none of the stress!

  • Ellen* says:

    I will definitely be in trouble without your daily posts (I already miss you in my morning blog reading session at the weekends actually) – but that is entirely my problem!:o) If you want or need a break – take it!:o) (But hurry back please!)
    Enjoy your holiday!

  • Laura says:

    Do take a break and then don’t do anything you might blog about that’ll make it a real break…

  • mwinter says:

    I think you deserve a nice break! 🙂

  • Monique says:

    Goodness, if anyone ever deserved a complete and utter relax, then it’s you. Though, please to be taking the odd picture of your lovely home and garden while you’re having your vacation, so you can bring us up to date when you come back.

  • Carolynn says:

    i would miss your posts for sure but i would certainly survive. take some much needed time off and enjoy your vacation. i really appreciate the time you take as it is. cheers!

  • Dusa says:

    Oh we will survive…but we’ll probably pout! Of course you should take a bit of a breather!

  • Zosia says:

    Enjoy your break. I am just hoping that you will miss blogging and will do a post now and then :-).

  • RebeccaNYC says:

    I’m pouting already! I already miss you on the weekends, what am I going to do during the week? What about MY needs? WAAAAAAaaaaaa…..
    Seriously, I think this is a very good idea. I so appreciate how much time your blog takes, and since I am married to a photojournalist, I KNOW how long editing photos can take! You should be getting paid big bucks for this on-line magazine of yours!

  • Megan says:

    Noooooooo! I won’t survive! Reading your blog while i drink my morning coffee is what makes getting up on weekday mornings bearable. But i understand, and you definitely deserve a holiday. I suppose this means that i’ll have to make a dent in my own projects instead living vicariously through yours.
    Have a wonderful break!

  • Dana from CT says:

    Absolutely – you deserve a break!! Like everyone else I will miss your daily posts – but I really will look forward to seeing what you have accomplished AND how you relaxed on your staycation 🙂

  • Debbie from Chicago says:

    Have a wonderful summer break!!!

  • Anna says:

    Glad sommar, Benita! Njut av semestern.

  • Romina says:

    Benita, enjoy your holiday! Take some time off. We will be waiting for you when you come back! 🙂

  • Lori says:

    I’ll survive, but certainly miss you! I read your blog daily!
    ENJOY your holiday!!

  • Shelly says:

    Benita, you should take a break. We will survive-maybe hehe. No I’m joking, I just hope for selfish reasons that if you do take a blogging break you really miss it! I will be sad the day your blog comes to an end I don’t want to encourage anything that may make you think you want a long break from blogging.;-) Alas it is YOUR BLOG, and you deserve a nice vacation after all the hard work you do!!! Also, if you do ever decide to shut it down I would love to see Chez Larsson in book form so we can buy it from you and visit Chez Larsson whenever our hearts desire! Whatever you do I hope you have a wonderful vacation!

  • Benita… I believe all your followers have the same idea… take a much needed break from blogging. Perhaps you’ll take your camera out for a holiday & take pictures for pleasure?
    I totally agree with Shelly – have you ever considered putting your Chez Larsson posts in book form? I can imagine it might take a lot of editing into chapters (DIY, organizing, recycling or repurposing, exterior design, etc) but I know it would be a BEST seller!!
    I will look forward to finding out how “BENITA TAKES A BLOGGING BREAK”… Enjoy!

  • Peggy says:

    Yup. ‘You deserve a break today. So get up and get away!’ But not to McDonald’s! 😉
    Of course you should take a completely non-public holiday! We will miss you but this gives us the opportunity to maintain our daily ‘Chez Larsson’ habit by reviewing your past postings. I know that I have missed a few but I don’t know which ones. What fun I’ll have perusing those postings of yore!
    Have fun! We’ll be here! And when you return we’ll be so thrilled!

  • I was hoping you were asking in a rhetorical way, but as they say in show biz, “Leave ’em wanting more!” So, enjoy your stay-cay, and if you would, keeping up the Monday posts would be a great little tease to see what blog posts might be coming down the pike, and also ensure your readers with photographic proof that you are indeed getting some rest and having some fun!

  • Malin says:

    Hahaha, tveksamt om jag skulle överleva 😉 Liiider ju på helgerna när du inte uppdaterar! Skämt åsido, naturligtvis ska du ju ta bloggsemester om du känner för det! Du jobbar ju så hårt med allt runt bloggen och jag är övertygad om att ingen av dina läsare missunnar dig en härlig, kravlös ledighet.
    Har inte gjort det än, men måste tacka dig för en underbar och inspirerande blogg. Min absoluta favorit!!! När jag läser mina dagliga bloggar avslutar jag alltid med din som en slags härlig efterrätt =)
    Ha det så gott/ M

  • Michelle says:

    Hey Benita, read this and thought you might enjoy it

  • You’re all so sweet!
    I did have a literary agent in New York a couple of years ago but as I was working on my book proposal I realized it wasn’t something I could devote enough time to (working full time and blogging at the same time) and my then agent and I didn’t really want to publish the same type of book so we parted ways. I don’t think it’s something I want to pursue anymore. Been there, done that :).

  • Haha, att folk läser mig till frukost har jag hört men som efterrätt är nytt :).

  • Lauren M says:

    Benita, I read your blog everyday. On weekends I go thru archives. So when you’re away I’ll do more of the same.
    Blessings on some delightful time away from the net! Lauren

  • Tracy says:

    we could feed on past posts i reckon 🙂 hoping to see yr after-vacation photos like what you did and all that :> Thnks for taking the trouble to send me the wallpaper! Pls see my email to you…

  • Stacy says:

    Benita, you deserve a break! And enjoy it too!! 🙂

  • Catherine says:

    Enjoy your break! We will all be here when you get back. Like someone else said, I hope you miss blogging though! 🙂

  • very pretty & cheerful !
    a blog break is VERY rejuvenating. we can all understand this.
    enjoy your Holidays !
    we’re having ours closer to you, above the arctic circle & then stockholm, soon. could you order some swedish sunshine for us ?! 😉

  • ps : i would buy a book ! how about blurb ? making one for yourself and having it on offer for your followers (fans ?) doesn’t cost you any extra..

  • jja says:

    In my case, vacation or days off means – no gadgets. No internet, no posts, no technic since I have it more then enough on a regulras days…maybe an idea for you too