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Chez Larsson

Wire Trellis

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So it's trellis time! Not yet the one at the front of the house which is actually also finished but one here at the back against the fence towards my neighbors.

It all looked a little too bare so I transferred some of the many Clematis that grow like weeds in my back yard to right there in front.



I didn't want to ruin the simple look of the fence by attaching anything major on it like a wood structure but instead went for a metal wire one. I saw something similar in a Martha magazine years ago and saved the idea until now. The trellis basically consists of galvanized metal wire and eye bolts.



I drilled a whole at the top and one at the bottom on the upright planks and twisted the wire in place between. 



I wasn't able to get perfectly straight wires because they were of a slightly thicker guage than I wanted but I don't really mind.




The Clematis love their new spot, are thriving against the fence and are happily climbing the wires and stretching over to the next ones.



I think it turned out really great and it will be really pretty once they start blooming later on.

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