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Chez Larsson

Bedroom Update

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As you may know already one of my projects this summer was to do a lot of painting in the basement. While I was at it I did the bedroom ceiling.



I also gave the floor a fresh coat. I only painted it a year ago but in some areas the red color from before crept up and really annoyed me so I re-sanded those spots and painted again.



I also added a plush rug earlier and now have semi matching trays on the old ottomans that serve as bedside tables. Oh, and matching lamps. I might still switch the bedside tables out. Will bring down one of Wille's to try if they work because I'd like a bit of storage. 



The blue and white curtains are still going strong hiding all the storage along that one wall.



Here’s the view of the other side of the bed and those are the stairs you come down into the basement on. Will need to address them somehow as they’re super worn but unfortunately not in a “patina” good way, but rather a more of a trashy one.

Still to do is building a headboard. I have it all figured out, just need the time to actually do it. Ah, time, there’s never enough, is there?