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366: Day 247-253

September 3

I must be the only female on the planet who hasn’t seen SATC. When it started back in 1998 we didn’t have the channel it was on and then when we got it I never bothered because I’d missed some seasons. Found the Essential Collection on sale and figured I would now finally know what everyone’s been raving about ever since. I have to say after having seen the 12 first episodes, I’m not yet hooked. I might not girly enough?


September 4

I accepted an offer of some free canned plum tomatoes by Delizie not realizing that the nice PR people actually sent me groceries for a whole meal! Have yet to cook it and I might not use the recipe they included (too may beans for my IBS belly) but I look forward to trying the tomatoes out and many of the other ingredients will come in handy too. And the basked the whole thing came in is great! Tack Delizie!


September 5

Speaking of cooking, I’m not big on meat as in steak and such but I love sausage. In the pan, Salsicca.


September 6

My sweetie.


September 7

Evening in the kitchen. I’ve been forgetting to take photos this week and have remembered when it’s already gotten dark. It’s getting darker by the day. The sun rises at around 6 am and sets at around 7.30 pm.


September 8

Hail storm!


September 9


At least someone’s sleeping in on Sunday morning. Wille and I got up at 4 am because he was helping out at a Bike race in the city and I wanted to keep him company in the morning. I didn’t go back to bed like I had planned but instead Mini and I did spend the morning snuggling under a wooly blanket in front of the TV.

That was my week.


  • tinajo says:

    Jag gillade verkligen SATC när den gick, TV-serien ser jag gärna om av nostalgiskäl nu också. Filmerna däremot kunde jag lika gärna ha varit utan, speciellt nummer två… Ryser fortfarande när jag tänker på den! 😀

  • April says:

    I haven’t seen SatC either. The premise never appealed to me.

  • Judith says:

    And here’s another female who doesn’t quite get the appeal of SATC. Maybe we can all start a club!

  • jja says:

    Last photo is amazing aw :-)))
    I was also never hooked to SATC but am to Desperate Houesewives.

  • nicolezh says:

    Bored by SATC, too. I not into dating and shoes (I hate shoe shopping to say at least), so I never got the hype, too. Plus, the German sycro of Carrie was unbearable with a shrill unpleasant voice, so I skipped it. The only thing I found inspiring was Carries pad.
    I have to admit that I am not really into TV at all.

  • I can handle SATC in small doses, and both movies were ok, but a whole series – the entire collection? I’m not girly enough either I guess!
    Love the photo of Bonus on the chair – such a great kitty/house shot. Have been meaning to ask you – do you ever talk about the appliances you use? I love your Smeg fridge, and I was wondering what vacuum cleaner you use – given that you have two gorgeous kitties, and not a speck of cat hair to be seen, I’d love to know your secret!

  • Actually now I notice that Mini’s napping too on one of the dining chairs in this shot which I took after she left my blanket :).
    There is cat hair but they mostly shed in spring so this season isn’t as bad. I don’t recommend my vacuum cleaner though. It’s this one but it keeps falling over while I’m using it which is SO annoying!

  • Leena says:

    I do watch SATC, even the reruns. I have never watched it in order, just episodes from here and there, but I have seen most episodes, some even multiple times. I have enjoyed it a lot, even thought I don’t consider myself to be very girly. The main character in my opinion is the least interesting one. The show is good when I feel tired and I don’t want to think of anything.
    I wish I could be Bonus, he seems to have the perfect nap time there.

  • Zosia says:

    I can look at your kitchen at any time of day or night and if my feline crash is in the shot, it’s an added Bonus (pun intended) :-).
    As for SATC, I don’t get all the fuss about clothes and shoes (I like fashion, but not to the point of being hyperventilated about it), however, I find there is some good sense of humour in many episodes that brings all that hyperventilation down. I think it’s amusing and light and there are days when we need a bit of light fluff in our lives. So an episode of SATC here and there is like a piece of chocolate or a cupcake when you need a bit of sugar.

  • Luna says:

    Is it just me, or does Wille’s profile look very similar to you? I think he takes after you Benita, is what I’m saying. Mini napping on a dining chair was a surprise 🙂

  • He does look very much like me but has certain features that are 100% Martin though like really slim wrists,fingers and toes. My hands look totally chubby next to his and my toes are like potatoes in comparison to his slender carrots :).

  • devil says:

    I couldn’t get through more than a few SATC episodes either. Loathed the characters and am not too enamored of the actresses who play them. Do we really need more shows featuring shallow, dull-as-dirt women?
    LOVE the pic of the hailstorm. It looks cool and inviting to me since it’s so hot and humid here (still). Of course, I’d ride out the storm doing exactly what Bonus is doing. Smart boy.
    That little bottle of EVOO in your shopping cart is so cute!

  • Marie H says:

    I never got into the SATC episodes either; I’ve always kind of wondered what I missed. But I wasn’t interested enough to look into it.
    I too have some definite IBS issues. I love beans; they don’t love me. I will suffer for mexican food though. I’ve notice as I’m gettin older that more foods are bothering me. Ugh. One thing that really helps me out is a daily dose of psyllium fiber in water. Several brands out there.
    Love your house; so calming.

  • KariWK says:

    I never “got” SATC either. So I guess you are not completely alone!

  • i agree. SATC is not for me. it seems that people who read this site are not really SATC people. i can take an episode here and there and i don’t like carrie the main character. one of the things i do watch regularly is chez larsson.

  • M.E. says:

    SATC? bleah. I didn’t even last one whole episode. Quite banal.

  • Alex says:

    Agreed, absolutely. Totally banal.
    I really do not understand what women find in talking only about dates, shoes, fashion… – boring!
    I love “Tool Time” 🙂

  • Michelle of Montreal says:

    Love that last picture with Mini(?) snoozing in the armchair. As for SATC, the first season wasn’t my thing, but I got into it later on. It’s a toss-up whether the show was actually different, or whether my mind-set was different.

  • Stephanie says:

    SATC had its moments but since I never got on with women like that in real life, I didn’t like them on TV! Well except the shoes…ahhhh the shoes….

  • Vandegee says:

    For the tomatoes you can do the easiest tastiest pasta sauce ever – Marcella Hazan’s 3 ingredient sauce:
    Delicious and EASY – great for weeknights !!!!!!

  • Krista Pascoe says:

    As a huge fan of SATC, I can tell you that the first season was my least favorite, but kind of necessary to establish some base information that is useful the rest of the series. Some are put off by what they perceive the series to be about, but it is an honest look at true friendship that lasts the test of time and some tough (and real) situations. The fact that they all wear $600 shoes is just eye candy. Each character has a lot of depth and drive. Stick with it!

  • katie says:

    LOVE that last shot looking in to your awesome kitchen!
    right now i have low-end stainless appliances. loving your white!
    (and the kitties!!)

  • That’s Bonus, Mini is on the dining chair behind :).

  • Ah, I’m trying to stay away from carbs and pasta’s what I miss the most!

  • I’ll stick with it for a little longer then :).

  • I’ve never watched SATC… nor do I have any plans to. And actually, I barely watch any TV at all. Too many other hobbies!
    Also, your photos are always so perfectly lit. Does your home just have tremendously good light, or is it also because you have great photography skills?

  • KariMc says:

    Never watched SATC. Never appealed to me. But then, most TV these days doesn’t appeal to me.
    I too have IBS, but for some reason beans don’t bother me. Good thing, because I love them.

  • I don’t have all that great photography skills, wish they were much better. Most of my house, except the basement and the entry hall is really light though and if it isn’t light enough I tweak and make it brighter in Photoscape.

  • Michelle says:

    I loooooove SATC! Love! Love! Love!
    There are a lot of puns and other witty jokes in the script. Your English is great but maybe you are missing some.
    It’s also great as a commentary on single life in NYC or any big city, when you are dating, that is. Sad to say how much I identified with that show.

  • Michelle says:

    Charlotte: “They didn’t know how to make a Long Island Ice Tea, but I got us a Staten Island Ice Tea. Try it…”
    Miranda: *sip* “Hello, I’m drunk!”
    Charlotte: “Let’s move further back – this is embarrassing…”
    Miranda: “But I can’t see the cute firemen from back there!”
    Charlotte: “You don’t need firemen. You have Steve!”
    Miranda: “I do not HAVE Steve. There is no HAVING of the Steve. We’re just friends.”
    Samantha: “No WE’RE just friends. I don’t stick my dick in you.”
    Miranda: *sips* “Another one of these and I might just let you.”
    a ha haaaa… I love SATC!

  • Michelle says:

    Miranda: “Samantha, do you kiss after a blowjob?”
    Carrie: “No, she just signs the delivery slip and sends him on his way.”
    Samantha: *glares*
    Miranda: “What’s going on?”
    Samantha: “Apparently, Carrie has a problem with the fact that she saw me blowing the Worldwide Express guy.”
    Miranda: “Where did you see her blowing the Worldwide Express guy? On the street?”
    Samantha: *indignant* “Of course not! It was in the privacy of my office. And it wasn’t A Worldwide Express guy. It was MY Worldwide Express guy.”
    Carrie: “YOUR Worldwide Express guy?”
    Samantha: “Yes! Joe, Tuesdays and Thursdays.”
    OMG — now I want to watch it all again. Joe, Tuesdays and Thursdays — classic!

  • I don’t think I’m missing any of the jokes and some are actually quite funny. It IS quite an amusing show but there are others that are much more entertaining to me. But then again my all time favorite show Friends also took a while to grow on me so there’s still time :). Maybe I’ll be quoting too soon!

  • Melissa says:

    I could never get into SATCHEL either, but I also don’t watch much tv, I always seem to have better things to do! Sorry you suffer from IBS, I do as well and I am finding as I get older more things trigger it. Thankfully beans are not one, but definitely High frictose corn syrup… Ugh!!

  • Jag gillar SATC! Och jag är ändå inte så intresserad av mode! Men jag gillar den för att det inte handlar om traditionellt familjeliv, utan mer om vänskap, kvinnor som väljer sina egna liv och att det INTE är typiskt tjejigt (dvs i tv-världen alldeles för gulligt..). Och för attt det har en helt annan glamourfaktor än mitt liv 😀
    Men som någon redan påpekat så var första säsongen inte världsbäst, det känns som att den då håller på och söker “sin väg”.

  • Vandegee says:

    Ha! Worse than the carbs is probably the 5 tbs of butter!!!!

  • Michelle of Montreal says:

    Being a loyal reading, you’d think I’d know which cat was which by now…Funnily enough, I didn’t even notice that both cats were in the picture!

  • Oh! Finally i found a group of girls that didn’t like SATC either 🙂 i watched just a bunch of episodes and didn’t see why all the Fuss about it! And i was about to complain for not having a cat pic this week when i got to the last one 😉

  • Shelly says:

    I loved SATC, but when it came out I could really relate to it. I was single, 29, and living in a big city in my downtown apartment. I felt it was an honest and witty representation of what being a “single girl” was like. For me anyway. I was on the go, dating idiots, and had a great group of girlfriends. haha
    Now I’m married, live in a small city, and eat dinner on the couch with my husband and dogs! haha. One night I was feeling my single girl days call to me so I made my husband watch the first movie with me. That totally ruined SATC for me. I never realized how stupid it was until I watched it with him. My sister said she made the mistake of watching it with her husband too. I think the TV shows are way better than the films. But for some reason it just does not hold the same appeal it once did for me.
    On a side note…I loved Bridget Jones, and even watching the movie with my husband, and still loved it. Not that they’re the same, but it’s the “single girl” theme. 😉

  • says:

    Iʻve been going through a phase of re-watching SATC. Used to watch with my husband, who lived in NYC when we married. I have to say, Iʻm enjoying it more this time around- still married, but watching solo. I too, love the friendship that deepens among the main characters. Also love the shots of the CITY itself, and the NY scene, even though itʻs presented in a stylized manner. Makes me nostalgic for the early days of my marriage, and makes me want to plan a trip to NY soon. Also put an extra fire under my butt for surrounding myself with beauty- including how I dress myself every day. Not a girly-girl, but I am creative, and love being creative with my clothes!
    Plus: John Corbett!!!

  • Kimberly says:

    Benita, I love the pendant light over your dining table. Where did you get it? Or was it a DIY project? If so, where did you source the materials for it?

  • Kate says:

    Ahh, almost missed little Mini on the chair in back.
    I liked Carrie’s apartment on SITC and the last (?) episode where she went to Paris. I liked the series ( so did my husband and son ) but everyone’s taste is different. It was kind of a light and funky series.
    But what I really love is YOUR place!

  • It’s a sore bought one from a local DIY store called Clas Ohlson.

  • Tracy says:

    u surprised me! u don’t seem like a SATC girl at all…i never watched it, though i did read tons of references to it in fashion pages/ articles. guess it made some sort of impact on the fashion scene. now i feel like maybe i shd watch it to see what NYC looks like (if i find the time). Like how your kitties just look so comfortable and colour-coordinated with your house 😀