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Chez Larsson

Desk Phone Charger Holder

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Familiar sight, the phone charger cord on the floor? It drove me mad that’s for sure. I tried to lay it on the table and have it stay there but it just wouldn’t. And with these smart phones that you need to charge as often as once a day (or is it just mine?!) you really need the end of that charger to be accessible. I’ve seen some great ideas online such as this one  but there aren’t any bulldog clips with a mouth wide enough for my desk top so I had to invent something myself.



Enter two small pieces of Velcro. One with a sticky back side and one regular. I love Velcro! I stuck the sticky one to the side of my desk top…



… placed my cord against it and covered it with the other piece.



The cord can easily be pulled up so it can reach the phone and it can also easily be removed by pulling to top piece off if needed for traveling. It glides perfectly within the Velcro. Did I tell you I love Velcro?



So instead of that top view with the cord on the floor I have this. Bliss. And now I’m off to go check if Wille wants this solution on his charger too!