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New Sofa

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There’s quite a bit happening in the living room right now. I guess after almost 18 months of staying here I’m at the stage where the major renovations are done and I’m starting to figure out what we want and need in the rooms. Right after we moved in it was more a matter of filling the space with things we had.



As you can see something’s missing under the window.



I bought this old sofa on a whim at the local charity shop just after moving in. We needed extra seating and I thought it was kind of fun to mix in with the more contemporary furnishings. Turned out it was just too uncomfortable. While Wille and I do watch TV in the den upstairs we like to hang out downstairs too and also I always felt bad for guests who ended up on that 200+ year old thing. So I sold it for exactly what I paid for it a year ago.



Enter a new purchase. Because I‘m splurging on another item (or two actually) the sofa’s a cheapo IKEA one. It has great reviews though from my BFF Anne who sleeps on one just like it every night so I knew it would be comfy.




It’s MUCH bigger than what was previously there and the shape is so different so it takes a little bit of getting used to but I like it. I don’t like that the cover for the frame’s too big though so I’ll be tossing that in the washer and dryer so it’ll hopefully shrink it to fit better.



Mini has enjoyed it from day one.



And Wille also has no complaints.



So I’m happy.