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Stained Handrails

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Having a neighbor who is just as much into DIY as yourself and who lives in a house just exactly like yours is the best. K and I discuss projects, lend each other tools and materials and we run back and forth checking out progress in each other’s houses all the time.



K stained her handrails which totally inspired me to switch from the orangey pine to something richer. I was a little apprehensive though because I didn’t want to have to sand every bit of the old varnish off but it turned out that she had bought a product that stains and simultaneously varnishes on top of old varnish. Her handrails turned out great and when she offered me some of that varnish I happily accepted and went on a varnishing spree and did all of mine in one fell swoop.



All it took was a light sanding to key the old varnish and then it was just a matter of brushing it on.



So from this…



… to this was a vast improvement. Now I just have to fix those treads. I had to wait until the skylights were fixed until I could work on them because my guys had to go up and down a lot and it seemed silly to do anything before they were done. When I’m done painting the radiators upstairs (ran out of paint on Sunday) I’ll order the sisal that will cover the faux pine step kit that the previous owners installed. Excited (and a bit nervous) to see what it will look like when it’s done.



As for the darker, no longer orange handrails, I love them.