Fashion is everywhere

Chez Larsson

A Collector

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On Saturday Sanna and I went to the Christmas market in Gamla Stan and after a nice stroll went back to her place for dinner. I brought my camera and snapped away while there.



Both Sanna and Sebastian love growing their own herbs and spices. both in the courtyard below the apartment and in the kitchen.




But most of all they love collecting. Avidly. The scour the auction houses and car boot sales on weekends and have some awesome finds.



Like this amber, jade groupe on top of a 1930’s cabinet.



And this 1960’s image of a mother and her baby which is one os Sanna's favorites and she's created a cute arrangement of matching objects around it in the bedroom.



I love this vintage bon-bon tin. Sanna does too, so much so that she has two!



In the living room she keeps her ever growing collection of all things turquoise & co.



Many of the finds are from Småland where she and her family spend summer holidays going to auctions, estate sales and flea markets.



Sanna likes all things vintage as you can tell so when she happens to come across a magazine from 1969 with her mom on the cover she picks that up too:).