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Hobby Room Update

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Remember the hobby room? It’s a small room just off the main room in the basement and it has access to the garden.


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When we demolished the kitchen I moved the old cabinets down there so I could store all our tools, paints and then some. I hated the yellow fake pine laminate doors and drawer fronts though. And the greyish green of the cabinets too.




So earlier, this summer, I removed all the doors and drawers and the hardware and did a makeover on them.



First I cleaned everything with a de-glosser.



Then I filled a myriad of holes from when the cabinets were screwed together in a completely different way upstairs.



And then I painted all the visible (outside) bits pure white. Aah. So far so good.



Then I put all the old hardware back. The brass isn’t my favorite but I didn’t want to have to change it all out so it stayed.



Oh, and after I re-hung the doors I also painted the edges of the doors and the edges of the drawer fronts too. See, I had plans.



Wallpaper! I found this single roll with white lace on grey at half off at my local DIY store and one roll was enough to cover all the cabinets.



So I did. Only to realize the next day that I hated the result AND I couldn’t pull the drawers out without tearing the wallpaper of the drawer above and below because the drawers are so close to one another.



So I tore it all off again. I know. Major waste of time.



Actually I didn’t tear it all off, just all on the bottom cabinets. I painted those white  and left the lace on the top ones where I quite like it now that the rest is white and calm.



I recycled the blind I had in the former bedroom nook and bought the green plastic rug which some of you have already spotted in previous posts.  I also flipped the counter tops over to the grey side as the white side was already badly covered with paint drops and splatters.

This was one of those posts that took months from start to posting. The photos have been sitting in a folder on my computer but here the post is, finally.

Will show you some additional images on the same topic tomorrow!