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Chez Larsson

Mr & Mrs Clay

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So, remember these? I got some white clay from Panduro to craft with and used cookie cutters to cut out shapes. After the cut outs had dried I noticed that the edges were a bit frayed so I used an emery board to smooth them out. Worked like a charm.



Someone mentioned in the comments last time that she’d be tempted to use markers on them. So was I! I used a pencil first and then filled in with a black marker. Meet Mr & Mrs Clay.



It was super easy to draw on the dried clay. This is the light clay and it doesn’t really feel like clay (like the other regular clay which I also tried) when it’s dried but more like rubber which is actually pretty cool.



Of course I couldn’t leave the Mr and Missus backless. Mr should brush up on his darning technique though. Just saying.



Such a fun craft. Can’t wait to scribble on some of my other “cookies” too.