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Chez Larsson

Playing With Clay


This weekend I took some time out to play with clay. Every other month or so I get some craft materials from Panduro Hobby and this time around instead of just sending some random package they asked what I’d be interested in trying out which was really nice.



I’ve been dying to try some clay crafts for a while so I  requested some of their white air drying clay. They ended up sending me two types, one that feels like regular clay and which isn’t pure white but more of an off white and a light weight clay that’s really white. I also got some stamps and some cutters.



I decided I’d try something easy first (and maybe I’ll move on to some more advanced clay crafts later) and made some ornaments. I think I might use some for a mobile (in lieu of this mess) and some as Christmas ornaments.

First I tried the regular, slightly off white clay. I used the circle cutters to cut my shapes and used one of the stamps to create an overlapping heart design on one and then used one of the wood blocks I bought a while ago to imprint a pattern on the other.  I also made some other designs which you can see further down. After each one was done I used the end of a skewer to make holes for hanging.



Then I went on to the white light weight clay and I have to say I preferred this one. One, because it’s really white and two, because it was so easy to handle and soft like a baby’s bottom. I dug out some of my cookie cutters and cut a bunch of leaves, shrooms and acorns.



Here you can see the two types of clays next to each other. I’m kind of hoping that the regular clay will dry whiter than it is now but I’m not holding my breath.



I can’t show you the final results hanging anywhere just yet as the clay has a drying time of 1-3 days depending on the type and I guess the thickness of the craft. My creations are all quite thin so I’m hoping to be able to handle them within a day or so. Will show you how everything turns out a little later!

All in all a fun and easy craft. Perfect to do with kids actually.