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Chez Larsson

The Tree

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The tree’s all set up! And it’s a beauty! We got the free tree at the local shopping center as a promo thing and when you get it it’s in a net and you have no idea what it will look like opened out. But either they only have pretty trees or we’ve been lucky two years in a row because both trees have been awesome. Yes, there are some needles on the floor but they fell of when placing the tree in its base and not a lot has dropped since actually.



Here it is all decked out. I’ve never had a simpler tree than this one. It took me about ten minutes to put the lights and the decorations up.



A few little white and silver birdies.



These are actually earrings. We have regular sample sales at work and I never buy anything since I don’t wear a lot of jewelry and don’t have any other girls to buy for except for my mom who’s wading in the stuff already. So during a recent sample sale I said to myself “these big earrings would look nice in the tree!” and they do!



The Mr and Missus are up too of course, and there’s another earring just above Mr on the right. Also in the tree are some of the clay ornaments I made and some silky and some fuzzy white baubles.

White and simple, that’s the name of the game this year.

Ps. Happy St. Lucia!