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Chez Larsson

Project 52: Week 1

Week 1

So this year 2013 instead of doing a 365 (or like last year a 366) project, I’m doing a 52 one. 52 meaning the number of weeks in the year. I still enjoy taking photos all the time but not necessarily having to take one every single day. This way I can take photos every day but I also give myself the option to take photos a few times a week or if I want to, all in one day. It will all depend on my mood, what I’ve been up to etc. To be honest, my weeks aren’t very exciting for the most part and walking around at home trying to squeeze out a photo that’s not already been shot many times before gets old after a few months.

This first week of 2013 is all about being off work and the aftermath of the holidays. That’s Diesel in the upper left corner. I spent New Years Eve with my friend and neighbor Kerstin, his human. The bubbles cork isn’t ours, it came flying over the fence from other neighbors having a party. The next day they presented me with that Christmas Rose arrangement bottom left… And of course I could never leave out Mini and Bonus who are such huge and important parts of Wille’s and my lives. Week 1.