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The Stairs Part 3


So the saga of the stairs continues. One of the problems I encountered when choosing what to do with them is that although the landing in front of the bathroom has oak parquet, the nose is still pine. I considered replacing it with oak but realized that I’d have to semi dismantle the whole staircase to do so because the uprights rest on and are built into it.



While I was staining the handrails  back in September I decided to have a go at the orange pine of that nose too, I figured I had nothing to lose. Actually in these photos it looks like the pine is a pretty good match to the yellowed oak but IRL it’s a different story I’m afraid. The pine felt really orange.

Anyway it was just a matter of lightly sanding the varnish on the nose. Not necessary to remove it all because I used a stain + varnish in-one product, but just so it would get a better grip



After sanding I taped off the area so I wouldn’t get the stain on the oak.



Then I just did a light coat with a brush dipped in the product.



Here’s the result. Again it looks browner in the photo than IRL but it’s actually a good match . At least the color is deeper and richer than the orange of the pine.



The nose now also matches the stained handrails which is really nice.

Again, this project has dragged on forever and these photos were taken back in September but I’ve really been so torn between what to do with the stairs and also in how to best share the whole process with you.

To be continued.


  • I like it! I like the smart finish the dark stain gives to the edge but I think it will also look good in a few years when it gets worn and aged. The oak parquet is dream xo

  • Susan says:

    I enjoy all your posts – this series is no different. looks great.

  • Hxx says:

    Da da dah… I like the cliffhanger ending!

  • Caro says:

    We all have these issues in our houses – little things that annoy us, but have no easy solution. It’s great to see how you think through and solve these problems. Thanks.

  • Lisa says:

    It’s getting there! I’m still amazed at what a difference painting the uprights white made to the whole feel of the stairway.

  • Heather P. says:

    I like that you’re showing us the stairs as part of a process! It makes it more realistic to those of us who don’t own homes yet. Things don’t all just magically get done in a day…and it’s good to see that! I can’t wait to see how they turn out!

  • I know, that made such a huge difference!

  • Monnah says:

    Tack för dina tips och tricks! Vårt hus skriker efter uppdateringar. Vi bor i USA, huset är amerikanskt och det innebär också att det är anpassat efter allas smak här. Vi har till exempel beige luddig heltäckningsmatta på en massa ställen, inklusive trappan. Vi har fula klinkers och tjockt strukturerade putsväggar målade i olika nyanser av beige. Det finns också fantastiska detaljer med huset och jag vill inte känna mig otacksam, men nog hade det varit roligt att orka renovera alternativt ha pengarna att leja ut arbetet…

  • Åh, jag minns den där beige builders grade heltäckningsmattan från när jag var barnflicka i USA på stenåldern. Den gick från entrédörren in i varenda rum (utom kök och bad) och garderob utan trösklar och städhjälpen hällde ut carpet deodorizer som hon sen dammsög upp. Mmmm, känns inte riktigt som att den blev renare av det, snarare tvärtom… 🙂

  • Www says:

    i LOVE it; and it doesn’t even look like pine anymore, huh? I’d like to get my hands on that kind of stain/varnish all-in-one for some of my projects at home! Thank you for being such an inspiration to us all!

  • Brita Linnér Lindebratt says:

    Blev så förtjust i draperierna som täcker lådorna med lego. Blåvita ringar i två olika varianter. Tips om var tyget kan köpas?

  • -Michelle says:

    Oh Benita. I wish I had you here to help me. Or at least advise me. I started reading your blog after I no longer had my own home but was camping out with various relatives while I went to school. I love posts like these and I really appreciate you sharing that you don;’t always know what to do, exactly, or how.
    This weekend I am meeting with a landlord to put a deposit down on a rental apartment in the heart of Chicago. A friend of mine live there now with his (male) partner. They have done some really nice things with this little cozy apartment. There are many nooks and odd built ins. They repainted all different colors – I know you wouldn’t like it, especially since the whole dining room area is eggplant colored (dark purple!). But the landlord is relieved he does not have to repaint for me, because I like the colors.
    Obviously the landlord is really easy going and if I wanted to customize or make improvements he would be cool with that. Your blog has given me many wonderful ideas!
    But the most scary thing to me is that, my friend’s partner is a farmer (no really – he works summers at some organic and urban farms) and they have access to the tiny tiny fenced in front yard of the brownstone. They built 2 raised garden beds – huge! And planted an herb garden.
    I have never had a garden! I don’t know how to take care of it or do anything. But I love to cook so I’d love to have these herbs survive. Buying herbs at the grocery store is so expensive.
    So basically I will have a new home with a lot of potential. Obviously I don’t want to invest too much money into it but I would like to make it a home and have it be a place I like to stay and putter and do projects, like you do.
    I’m kind of scared to get started!

  • Your new places sounds great having a garden! Good luck with everything!

  • Tyget heter Navy Circles on White Background och tvärtom från Metro Living Collection av Robert Kaufman Fabrics. Jag har köpt det på

  • elisa says:

    nose! i love learning the terms for things. it looks like a good solution to me! you teach me more care – i might’ve just tried it by hand 😉
    x elisa