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Chez Larsson

Organizing my Veg Drawer

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I love our Smeg but there’s one thing that annoys me slightly and it’s that there’s only one vegetable drawer at the bottom. It means you have to open the door up really wide to pull it out. I would have preferred two drawers so I could keep the more often used veg to the left (tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers) and the least often (potatoes, ginger, onions) to the right by the hinge. Now it’s all a bit of a jumble when you pull that big drawer out.




When I sorted all that Lego a while ago I was left with a bunch of these old ice cream tubs so I figured I’d give them a third life as veg dividers like I used to use them at the old house.




La-la-love it. Luckily three fit perfectly in there and now one houses veg, one citrus and one root veggies and onions. The bag of salad is just popped on top

I am aware that some of these vegetables might actually be best kept outside the fridge, so no need to point that out. I just like them out of the way and not cluttering up the counter tops or my cabinets (where I’d probably forget about some of them) and I have space in the fridge. Also keeping them in there seems to keep the fruit flies at bay.