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Speak of the Devil

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Speak of the devil. On Tuesday last week I wrote this post and mentioned I don’t have any nice tall stemware. On Friday this arrived on my door step. I knew via an e-mail from the week before that I was getting a surprise delivered but I had no idea what it was. Fate?



Anyway, having Anne over on Saturday was the perfect opportunity to test drive  these babies. They are Essence Plus by Alfredo Häberli for Iittala.



The new idea behind these is that you don’t choose the size of the glass depending on if it’s a white wine or a red wine but rather if it’s a lighter or heavier wine.



The tulip shape allows for the wine to be twirled around so you can get a better sense of the aroma and it’s why there’s a lot of moisture on the inside of the glasses in these photos, Anne and I were twirling away all evening.



Getting these was such a nice surprise and while it’s probably not the stemware I would have chosen for myself (I’ve had my eye on the regular Essence which has straighter lines) they are very elegant and did feel lovely to drink out of.

Thank you Iittala!