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Chez Larsson

The Stairs Part 4

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So after prying off the previous owners step kit from the top portion of the stairs I was left with this.



Glue, splinters, pieces that had come off. Not a pretty sight but really the point of no return.



After scraping the wood to remove the glue my new sander helped getting the steps smooth. I had finally decided to go for a stain that matches the oak and varnish on top of that.



Um, yeah. This was actually the second attempt at finding the right match for the oak. The first one which I tried out on a piece of scrap wood came out too orange and this one well… I know, terrible. If I had tried to match mahogany then maybe, but oak? Really?



Needless to say I couldn’t live with that so out came my trusted can of white paint.



Three coats later, problem solved.

I’m keeping the landing oak but the rest of the stairs will eventually be painted white. That’s a summer project. Now I know I don’t have to be as meticulous sanding though. Only a lighter sanding (after all the rest of the prep work obviously) will be needed and I can fill any holes without worrying about matching the wood finish.

I know white stairs aren’t ideal with dark kitties but I’ll have to live with that. Just need to sweep more often in between my weekly vacuuming sessions I guess. I have to say I’m happy with the result so despite all the back and forths it ended well.