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Chez Larsson


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Here’s Wille’s desk area in his room as it used to look with the cube shelves (self built) with the Simpsons collection above.  We kind of felt it was time for a change to reflect that Wille’s older now and also his interest in music.


Wille got one of those vinyl players from Martin for Christmas, you know the kind where you can transfer the music to MP3. He also got part of Martin’s old vinyl collection and some of those album covers are so awesome so I thought they would look cool there above the desk.



I considered all kinds of frames but in the end I got him a set of these Art Vinyl play and display ones (I got mine from They are more expensive than the album frames from places like Urban outfitters but what I love about these is that they open super easily so you can switch records in a matter of seconds while the frame is still on the wall.



I started out by hanging London Calling, an Iggy album and this boot leg Lou Reed one but Wille can now easily switch them around at his heart’s content.

Oh and this post is in no way sponsored by Art Vinyl. I just love the product.

Ps. If you've already read this post it's because I accidentally published it early after finishing it on Sunday.